What is “naturism”?

Um excelente artigo sobre a origem do termo Naturismo.
Great articule, reblogged in Caminhar ao Natural.

Naturist Philosopher

Although most serious discussions should begin by defining terms used, it’s often not a good idea to spend too much time in such activity. Words are just means to an end (namely, conversation and communication), and disagreements about which are the “right” words to use for something can easily get in the way of actually discussing that something.

But let’s have a little discussion about “naturism” and its alternatives, such as “nudism” and “social nudity”, so we can make that somewhat independent of other conversations. There are certainly controversies among naturists themselves about the proper terms to use. Such controversy is not a new thing, not new at all. Historically, there seem to be two streams of naturist thinking, and they often seem to be in conflict with each other to some extent.

Many naturists, especially in the United States, seem to think that the terms “naturist” and “naturism” are…

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