Finding the courage to enjoy social nudity

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Almost everywhere in the U. S. there are laws against even the most unobjectionable forms of public social nudity (at beaches, camping and hiking areas, etc.), and this situation continues to deteriorate.

In Portugal this is quite different, nudity is not a crime but could be considering sexually offensive and local authorities could request to put clothes on.

However we do have a naturist law (goingo now in 3th edition) and we have In Portugal seven Nudist Beaches (approved by the Portuguese Law).

These beaches provide naturists with the safety requirements to practice social nudity in a proper place and in accordance with the law.

These beaches are not for the use of naturists, exclusively, so providing a good environment for those who want to start practising naturism without nudity obligation.

Local city hall approve and identify official beaches and promote them in their own website.

Along the Portuguese coast there are numerous beaches where naturism is practiced. In addition to the official naturist beaches
there are others which, due to their isolation and difficult access, provide to lovers of naturism with places suitable for the practice
of nudity in a perfect communion with the various natural elements, like the Sun, Water, Breeze and Sand.

These beaches, which we call “tolerated” or nowadays “usual and customary beaches”, allow, the practice of naturism with a reasonable “security level,” unless some “textile” considered offensive to his way of life and decides to call the marine police, a
situation that, thankfully , has not usually occurred.

Among these beaches, some already have an “unofficial clothing optional beaches status“, derived from a consistent and continued practice, known and repeatedly been “tacitly accepted” by the authorities.

The Portuguese people are tolerant with our practice but there are a few places were it was not recommended to be naked.

Naturist Philosopher


Our society in the U. S., as in most other counties, is generally quite hostile to open nudity. It’s considered OK for a person to be naked in a few limited circumstances, and even to enjoy that nakedness in some fewer cases. But there’s a strong taboo against going naked openly and by choice with all but a certain very few people. In various ways this taboo is even stronger now than in recent decades – unless one is some sort of a celebrity or meets quite narrow aesthetic standards of bodily appearance.

As a result, it takes a fair amount of courage for most people to try social nudity – and to admit that they enjoy it, if they are successful in trying it. It takes courage to explain to skeptics of social nudity, let alone people who are actively hostile towards it, what is so good about it…

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