Interview with a Maltese nudist | Entrevista com nudista de Malta

Interview with a Maltese nudist ambassador from Paul Vella on Vimeo.

O Nudismo ao contrario de Portugal é ilegal em Malta, no entanto a  autora da entrevista vive na Austrália.

Para ela as mulheres têm o mesmo direito que os homens de exporem o peito. Para ela todas as praias deveriam ser locais de nudismo.

Malta é o único país da Europa (segundo ela) onde os nudistas são presentes em tribunal.

A população de Malta é pouco informada sobre o modo de vida nudista associando-o à sexualidade, indo de contra a religião vigente.

O corpo humano em Malta é ainda muito sexualizado levando à existência de uma grande consumo de pornografia e troca de fotos intimas.

Os políticos com medo de perderem eleitores evitam o tema do nudismo.

No entanto Malta começa a despertar para temas menos conservadores tendo já em vigor uma lei do divorcio e prepara-se para introduzir o casamento entre pessoas do mesmo sexo, abrindo caminho para a mesmo entre não nudistas para adoptar leis sobre a pratica do nudismo.

A própria entrevistada já foi levada a tribunal por nadar nua, no entanto a policia nada faz com outras atividades e atitudes que considerem ser bem graves

Os restantes países Europeus encaram a nudez como um direito humano dentro da liberdade de expressão.


Nudism is illegal in Malta, however this Maltese person lives in Australia. She expresses her views on nudity such as that women should have a right to bare their breasts like men do for female’s breasts just have additional fat tissue. When asked if she can change anything what would it be, she said that every beach should be a nudist beach!Malta is the only European country in which nudists are taken to court! Maltese society is largely misinformed about the concept of nudity and associate it with sexuality and that it goes against the church! The human body is thus highly sexualised in Malta which is leading to many behaviors such as one of the highest porn usage in the world and the sharing of personal nude pictures! Politicians fear of losing votes so they do not want to act. Yet divorce was introduced a few years ago and gay marriage is going to be introduced soon! Liberal persons in Malta are increasing in number and although many are not nudists a lot want the option to legally exist in Malta too.

As a Maltese Australian I was taken to court in Malta for swimming naked at a secluded spot yet at Paceville I have seen many acts that are considered illegal and highly immoral in Australia! All of Europe embraces nudity as a human right as part of freedom of expression. The laws in Malta have a lot of double standards. Rarely do the police prosecute young people caught having sex on people’s parapets. Vomiting all over people’s private property, urinating and defecating on doorsteps, jumping up and down on cars, screaming and singing… these are all other issues which are causing much more offence (and nuisance) than a few people stripping down and swimming/sunbathing naked at an isolated spot!.



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