Naked Bike in São Paulo

About a huNaked Bike in São Paulondred naked cyclists , or partially unclothed , protested in the streets of Sao Paulo during naked bike on March, 15. .

According to the newspaper O Estado de S. Paulo,  the organizers intended to show the fragility of bodies towards violence and engine speed . The tour began at 20h on Paulista Avenue .

According to the Folha de S. Paulo,  newspaper, it was predicted that the demonstration ended in Vila Madalena , west of the city . With masks , pinutras the body and the use of intimate garments like panties , bras and panties , the cicloativistas caught the attention of patrons of bars and nightclubs in passing along Rua Augusta .

There were no occurrences in the path – just a principle of turmoil when a valet would have tried to force the pass with a car , told Folha . Last Saturday , the protest brought together hundreds of people in Porto Alegre.







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