This Half is not Indecent

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HCF connected with Serenity Harts the founder of the #ThisHalfIsNotIndecent campaign/movement and originator of the Topless Tour de Canada on IG and was intrigued by her top free campaign. Serenity graciously agreed to be interviewed and share her hopes and dreams for the top free movement.

HCF: Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself? Give a snapshot glimpse of Serenity Harts

SH If you’re an outsider looking in, my life would look like one of a brave courageous woman. Bold and Beautiful. Which is mostly true because I do live a life full of public nakedness and self love. But it wasn’t always my mission to bare my chest for the world to see. I grew up not loving who I was or how I thought I looked to the world. Being naked, and being present to my vulnerability is my driving strength for who I am today…

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