You Always Remember Your First Time

A Big true to everybody who take the challenge of being naked or in topless

The Outdoor Co-ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society

IMG_4370 To celebrate both the first truly hot day of the season (83 degrees!) and the extraordinary amount of attention our little group has received over the past fortnight (starting with the Huffington Post and then exploding when the  Guardian  in the UK picked up the story), we headed out to one of our favorite spots in the park, the hill where Bob Dylan supposedly once painted us. (He didn’t really, but what a juicy story that was…)

Thanks to all that attention, we were joined by a number of first-timers, enjoying not just their first time meeting us, but their first time ever going topless in a public place. We were honored they chose us to introduce them to one of the finest pleasures New York has to offer: lying bare-breasted in the grass, bathed in sunlight, surrounded by good conversation and good books and good things to eat (thank you, Crumbs, for knocking off the Cronut). It’s…

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