Petition: Make social nudity mainstream


About This Petition

For too long social nudity has been a taboo. This is bad.

We humans are capable of doing things no other species can ever do.
We have advanced technology with the advancement of civilization.
However, we have also damaged ourselves by moving further away from
nature. And we are also nature – being nude is part of that.

Social nudity is also known as nudism (naturism by some as well). It’s not
about sex. Sex is done naked but not all nudity is sexual. In nudism
that is not the time and place for sex – there is a time and place for

Nudism helps all ages and walks of life. Nudism doesn’t discriminate –
it’s for everyone. Only clothing keeps us from being nudists, and it’s
easy to undress and be comfortable in our own skin. A nude body hurts no


Full read and sign petition here


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