NaturViana – Portugal

A Promo Video from NaturViana – naturism
In the North of Portugal, the city of Viana do Castelo rests in the center of a triangle with three other important cities, only 65Km away.

Up North there´s Vigo/Spain and its airport; going South there´s the second Portugal biggest city – Oporto (and its airport); to East, one of the most Portuguese Catholic cities, Braga, known as “the Archbishops City”, with more than 80 churches to visit.

Surrounded by green mountains where the sun rises, with the golden reflections of the blue Atlantic Sea, side by side with Lima River´s serenity, is Viana do Castelo and its stunning viewpoints, one of which at Monte Santa Luzia´s Cathedral is considered by National Geographic “one of the most amazing views in the World”.

All these interesting motifs, as well as the beaches of silky sand, presents you one of the World´s most well preserved scenarios in Portugal.

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